We are an undergraduate-student-led campaign working to pressure UC Berkeley administration to terminate their pouring rights contract with PepsiCo. This campaign is brought to you by the Department of Unsustainable Partnerships in ASUC Senator Emma Centeno’s Office.

ASUC Department of Unsustainable Partnerships’ First Research Report – Out Now!

Profit Over Justice: Why PepsiCo’s Pouring Rights Violate UC Berkeley’s Campus Values

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This contract violates UC Berkeley’s values of:

From Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) to racial health inequities, PepsiCo is complicit in a variety of public health issues.

UC Berkeley has committed to Zero Waste by 2020 and Single-Use Plastic Elimination by 2030, yet they continue to partner with PepsiCo, the 2nd largest plastics polluter in the world.

PepsiCo exacerbates and profits off of food deserts, better known as food apartheids, uses targeted advertising at BIPOC children, and contributes to racial health inequities.

Click any of the images above to learn more about how PepsiCo’s actions contradict that campus value or read our research report, Profit Over Justice, in our Resources tab.


Our Campaign by the Numbers


students signed our 2019/2020 petition in favor of terminating the pouring rights contract with PepsiCo


students signed our Sept. 2020 support letter in favor of terminating the pouring rights contract with PepsiCo


UCB food system survey respondents who told us how they want the UCB campus food system to change

Our Demands

We demand UPP working group members, UPP voting members, and Chancellor Christ:

  1. VOTE TO TERMINATE this contract and refrain from seeking another similar in nature
    • if the working group must extend this contract, they must do so with full intent to terminate with PepsiCo at the end of the amendment period
  2. INCREASE TRANSPARENCY AND EXPAND PARTICIPATION of undergraduate and graduate students in the negotiation and implementation of future contracts
    • this includes creating opportunities for public comment from the campus community
  3. CREATE AND DISSEMINATE a campus-wide survey to identify student needs and concerns about our campus food system


Our Supporters


  • Kathryn De Master
  • Kurt Spreyer
  • Kenneth Worthy
  • Timothy Bowles
  • Alastair Iles
  • Dr. Karen Sokal-Gutierrez


  • Victoria Vera, ASUC President
  • Nicole Anyanwu, ASUC AAVP
  • Martin Siron, GA VP of Finance
  • Chaka Tellem, ASUC Senator
  • Naomi Garcia, ASUC Senator


  • ReUSE
  • Berkeley Student Food Collective
  • Environmental Science Student Association
  • Berkeley Student Farms

For a complete list of our supporters, please click here to visit our Supporters page.

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