POP Resources

Below are summaries and download links for our research resources, which are available to the public and created to address UPP members and voter concerns.

Profit Over Justice: Why PepsiCo Pouring Rights Violate UC Berkeley’s Campus Values.

This report is a 50 page, in-depth analysis of UC Berkeley’s partnership with PepsiCo and its direct contradictions to the campus’ values of health, equity, and sustainability.

Published: 4/27/2021

Fact sheet: The case for termination

This factsheet provides a one page summary of the Pour Out Pepsi campaign as well as a short overview of why this partnership violates UC Berkeley’s values of health, equity, and sustainability.

Social media campaign guide

This guide, authored by Pour Out Pepsi’s Media and Communications Committee, contains information and tips on design, platforms and promotion, outreach, accessibility, and more to create a campaign for any cause.

Down to Earth: Environmental Justice Zine

The first issue of our zine features articles, interviews, and news on Bay Area EJ organizations. We share the stories, voices, and the work of those seeking to address issues ranging from food insecurity and environmental racism to the current lack of representation within the environmental community.

More resources coming soon!

For now, see our ASUC Resolutions on the Our Supporters page and visit our Instagram @pouroutpepsi

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