How PepsiCo is complicit in racial injustice

PepsiCo is a multinational Big Food corporation that profits off of practices that exploit BIPOC communities and perpetuate systemic racism and white supremacy.  Big Food corporations like PepsiCo exacerbate and profit off of food apartheids, commonly known as food deserts, which are predominantly low-income and BIPOC communities that lack access to a grocery store thatContinue reading “How PepsiCo is complicit in racial injustice”

What UCB’s PepsiCo contract means for Berkeley’s sustainability goals

PepsiCo’s products and production strongly contribute to a myriad of negative environmental impacts through plastic pollution and deforestation. Surpassed only by Coca-cola, PepsiCo is the second highest producer of plastic pollution globally. PepsiCo’s plastic pollution footprint is 137,000 tonnes per year, enough to cover 22 football pitches with plastic every day. Only 9% of plasticsContinue reading “What UCB’s PepsiCo contract means for Berkeley’s sustainability goals”

Public health impacts of UC Berkeley’s contract with PepsiCo

One of the major reasons we are demanding for the termination of the contract between PepsiCo and UC Berkeley, is because of the largely unhealthy products that PepsiCo markets towards students on campus. The 85% shelf space currently detailed in the contract requires that UC Berkeley reserves 85% of its space in campus dining facilitiesContinue reading “Public health impacts of UC Berkeley’s contract with PepsiCo”